Tomasz Piotrkowicz

By Tomasz Piotrkowicz

Become a modern bushi - a real warrior of the XXI century.

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Since 2009

Start working with us, learn from the best!

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Global organization

The European Budo Association does not charge fees from other federations and clubs for cooperation and coordination of activities for the development of budo arts.

Modern samurai in yoroi.
Muay-thai fighting.

Hanshi Tomasz Piotrkowicz guarantees help in the development of martial arts in the spirit of budo. Especially if you are interested in learning and developing Mushin-ryu bu-jutsu: karate, kobudo, ken-jutsu, battodo, ju-jutsu, etc.

Address for correspondence:

ul. Filomatów 13/9, 04-116 Warszawa, Poland

Phone: +48 22 672 56 17